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Getting Started with WYFP

While state, federal, and county agencies are working to create young forest on public lands in Wisconsin, more than 50 percent of Wisconsin’s forestland is owned by private individuals and families. This means that young forest management on private lands is a crucial step toward conserving declining young forest wildlife for future generations to enjoy.


Resource professionals with the WYFP will visit private properties and give free advice to landowners on options for creating wildlife habitat./J. Holtz

Managing forests for wildlife can be a daunting task for landowners. At the Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership, we understand this challenge and are here to help. If you are interested in learning more about young forest management or are considering conducting management practices on your land, visit to tell us about your property. The Partnership coordinator will contact you to discuss your land and potential management options in more detail.

Regardless of any potential for creating young forest on your property, the coordinator will provide further information about your options for management and determine if there are any programs or financial support options that may help you reach your property management goals. Several different assistance programs are available through WYFP partners, and the coordinator will guide you to them.

If young forest management sounds like a good fit for your interests and your land, the coordinator will:

  • Schedule a site visit on your property, in which a natural resource professional will identify ways to improve your land for you and wildlife
  • Develop specific management recommendations
  • Help you apply for financial assistance through our partners so that you can afford to manage your habitat

The organizations that make up the Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership came together to equip private landowners with knowledge so that they can manage their properties for years to come, and to provide financial help to get things started. Don’t let these resources go to waste. Let WYFP help you help wildlife!

Randee Smith, WYFP Coordinator
315 S. Oneida Ave., Suite 206
Rhinelander WI 54501
Telephone: (715) 966-5160